The recent 38 Degrees Live event was a Question Time style panel debate, with guest speakers such as Former Government Drug Tsar Professor David Nutt, Explorer Bruce Parry and, erm, me. The questions ranged from ‘Is Vladimir Putin a threat?’ to ‘How can we fix the media?’.

Alongside the Newsnight piece on psychedelic drug research, I wrote a long feature article for Buzzfeed.

“Three years after Ian Roullier finally faced down the father who abused him and saw him sent to jail, he confronted him again, in the shape of a terrifying armoured horse.

This wasn’t a nightmare. Roullier was not only awake, he was high on magic mushrooms in a hospital room. He and eleven other patients with long-standing depression were treated with the illegal drug psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) at Imperial College London, part of a trial that saw psychedelic drugs used as medicines for the first time in the UK in nearly 50 years.”

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