I began as a video journalist at the BBC, learning to shoot, edit and report with one of the pioneers of the craft, Michael Rosenblum.

After that I moved to More 4 News, Channel 4 News’s esoteric younger sibling. I covered politics, foreign affairs and on-the-day stories as a self-shooting reporter for More 4 News for several years. I specialised in drug policy stories and broke stories on psychedelic research, before moving on to become foreign producer during the Arab Spring. Those drugs stories and Arab Spring work is on separate pages – a small selection of other reports ranging from serious to very not serious is below.

In 2009, Israel launched a major attack on Gaza, saying they were responding to rocket attacks from Hamas. But how did the conflict really start? More 4 News was the only TV station to examine claims that Israeli actions sparked the fighting.

Reporting from the Labour Party conference in 2009, More 4 News looks into how the MPs expenses scandal has hammered trust in politicians, and asks how they might get it back.

Following the demise of More 4 News in 2010, I moved to Channel 4 News as weekend film reporter. These films often covered arts and culture – such as this emotionally powerful and thought-provoking illustrated interview with the Israeli filmmaker Samuel Moaz, about his film, ‘Lebanon’.

YouTube Preview Image

As the new mega particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider was set to be switched on in 2009, a scientist in America was taking it to court, claiming that it could destroy the planet. More 4 News asks – could it?

What’s happening with hip hop? Public Enemy were one of the biggest original rap groups. As they return for a tour a generation on from their heyday – lyricist Chuck D rails against the state of the industry.

And finally… A bit of fun. A heatwave is on its way, and the official advice is to stay inside. How are we supposed to take public health messages seriously when they clash with common sense? More 4 News tries to take it seriously, and fails.