I am a journalist and the founder of the Rebel Wisdom media platform. I’ve produced and directed films about Syrian refugees, Russian prostitutes, Cuban defectors, psychedelics, hip hop stars and gangsters, mainly for Channel 4 and the BBC.

Rebel Wisdom is my latest project to bring a philosophical and spiritual depth to the cultural conversation that the mainstream media is unable to provide. I have covered the existential crisis of modernity, the problems of sensemaking and the deeper threads of the culture war. All films are organised by category here.

I began at the BBC two decades ago, then worked for Channel 4 News for many years as a producer and cameraman/editor. I worked as a foreign producer during the height of the Arab Spring, in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and elsewhere. I was the first to cover the revival of psychedelic therapy in 2008. My documentary and news work has been nominated for several awards including the Royal Television Society (RTS) Independent Award.

I have trained in counselling, transformational work and facilitation. I’m available for consultation and counselling for a range of different purposes, both personal and professional, for example to coach a creative project.

I have also made multiple films for companies and individuals over the years, a selection of which are viewable on this site. I’m available for selected private projects, email address below.

I blog frequently about politics, and the inner world. I have also written for publications including the Guardian and Buzzfeed.

This site contains a cross section of my work for TV, and selected private projects. You can see recent documentaries, stories I worked on as foreign producer for Channel 4 News and many of the stories I reported for Channel 4 News & More 4 News. Feel free to have a look around. Contact: [email protected]